Department of Food Science and Technology

Faculty of Applied Sciences

University of Sri Jayewardenepura.


Online examination method for third year FSC & FST students- First semester

Examination method: Using Zoom and e-mail facilities

1.       An open book exam.

2.       Students have to be registered in the Faculty for online exams.

3.       Each student should obtain a sjp e-mail address.

4.       Registered students will be grouped and a number will be given.

5.       For a one credit course there are two compulsory questions. Time duration is 30 min.

However, one hour paper will be given only for FST 354 1.0 Statistics for Food Sciences III. 

6.       Three compulsory questions will be given for a two credit course. Time period is one hour.

7.       Duly completed Declaration form should be submitted to the Supervisor’s e- mail address 24 hours before the exam time by each student.

8.       Question paper will be shared on the Zoom, ten min before commencing the exam. The same will be e-mailed to student’s university e-mail address.

9.       White color papers / clean ruled papers prepared as per the instructions given should be used for writing answers.

10.   After 30 min, hand written all answer scripts need to be scanned or photographed, and converted into one pdf file.

11.   Label the pdf file using the Group number, Index number and Course code.

12.   Submit to the given e-mail address within ten min.   

13.   Students should not leave the Zoom till Supervisor inform to do so.

14.   The originals of the completed declaration forms and answer scripts should be securely stored by the students and have to be handed over to the Head/ Supervisor later once requested.

15.   All students should strictly adhere to the rules and regulations of the online examinations stipulated by the USJ.


Head, DFST.