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Guidelines for students commencing lectures/laboratory work – August 2020

Guidelines for students commencing lectures/laboratory work – August 2020

by Charith Saranga -
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Guidelines for students commencing lectures/laboratory work

1. Temperature screening should be performed on all students/staff who enter the university.


2. Any student/staff member who has fever, with or without respiratory symptoms, or other COVID19 related symptoms will not be allowed to enter the laboratory/lecture hall.


3. Facilities for handwashing hygiene stations are made available at several locations of the Faculty premises.


4. Students and staff should always wash their hands for at least 20 seconds following the correct steps before entering university buildings, laboratories, and hostels. They should use soap or hand sanitizer with 70% alcohol frequently, especially after touching common surfaces and objects. It is recommended to have your own hand sanitizer and soap while at work.


5. Physical distancing should be maintained throughout the faculty premises.


6. A mask should be worn properly by all staff and students on university premises. If it is reused after removal for having meals etc., it should be stored properly in a clean container.


7. Disposal of used masks should be done into a polythene bag placed in a paddle operated waste bin. Once the bag is filled, it should be tied and kept separately for more than 72 hours before disposal.


8. Avoid gatherings, group discussions, and common places as much as possible.


9. All students are encouraged to bring their meals from home or from a reliable supplier as the purchase of food from external unknown sources is strongly discouraged.


10. Students and staff should maintain respiratory etiquette at all times.


11. Sharing of pens, pencils, phones should be avoided. If absolutely necessary, sanitize them before and after exchange.


12. All doors of common areas should be kept open. Opening windows and proper ventilation of closed spaces are encouraged.


13. Students are responsible for maintaining hygiene in their own workspace/hostels,etc..


14. If a student develops respiratory symptoms and/or fever, and/or other COVID-19 related symptoms, immediately inform the Head of the Department/Lecture/supervisor/ university medical officer-in-charge for necessary actions.


Senior Professor L.Karunanayake
09th June 2020